Amsterdam METSTRADE 13.-15.11.2018.

Amsterdam METSTRADE 13.-15.11.2018.

This year we gathered from all countries of EU as representatives PlasDECK synthethic teak at the largest B2B fair in the world. We presented our new top of the line products from the group PlasDECK “REVEAL”. The material is PlasDECK, and all the lines, textlines are made on CNC machine and can be in many kind of shapes.

Whatever you imagine, we can do it for Your boat, Jet-ski or any other kind of boat to make You different from the others.

  • Quality PlasDECK
  • personalization 100%
  • 3M sticker on the back


  • The manufacturer has managed to lock the oils and materials that are in material, so You get 100% of the permanent colour so that they do not change colour or shade over time.
  • That makes us unique.
  • 100% skid
  • It does not heat up in the sun like other synthetic teak. Model Cool teak- without heating.
  • 100% oil resistant, greasy resistant, blood, stain-free, red wine.