Self-installation procedure

Self-installation procedure


For homeowners who want to independently assemble PlasDECK® teakwood on their boat, we offer a set shipment service within Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The set consists of PlasDECK® panels made according to templates.
This service consists of the following stages:

  • Contact: using the “REQUEST A QUOTE” contact form
  • Wait for our reply
  • Send us templates from your vessel (according to our instructions) from the parts you want to put PlasDECK®
  • Receive the PlasDECK® set directly at your address



A self-assembling order will save you the money you would pay for us to come to assembly. It’s cheaper but also much riskier, especially if you have no experience. Some elements are more complex in shape and difficult to place. Sometimes unforeseen situations or the need to choose a better solution that can only be determined by experience may occur. During assembly, a moment of inattention can lead to bubbles beneath the surface, the removal of which will be tedious.

And finally, the question of warranty remains. With your installation, PlasDECK® still has a 5-year material warranty. However, as a distributor, we cannot give you a guarantee of installation because we did not do the installation.
Tip: If you do not feel safe, do not risk it and outsource the work to the professionals. It’s a routine for us.

PlasDECK® is a premium product and will look beautiful on your yacht, but it must be installed in accordance with all guidelines and protocols. That’s the only way to live on it for years to come.
Call us and we will do our best to give you all the service!


There are two types of bonding.

  • with polymer adhesive (base + booster) – sold in 2.5 kg bucket, mixed with an accelerator before use and applied to a previously sanded surface. The deck should then be evenly loaded with weights.
    or we recommend one-component Bostik adhesive.
  • with 3M special double sided adhesive tape, which comes with an already glued teak underside to your address. This solution has shown very high efficiency and durability, significantly shortens the bonding time and is characterized by simplicity. Since adhesion has about 80% adhesive strength.

Contents of the set: user manual, PlasDECK panels, adhesive and assembly tools