TEAKdecking difference

TEAKdecking difference


PlasDECK® is not a big cooperation. We are a family and we are a family of nautical. Not that we just stay behind our products, we actually stand on them. We use PlasDECK® on our personal vessels.

From the president of the company to the craftsmen which are making the decks here in our store, we all have installed PlasDECK® on our personal boats. We are all well known with our products and we all have experience that will help you in your project.

Since we have experience from the first hand with all our products, we managed to personally evaluate every aspect of our floor coverings and make changes accordingly. We are confident that PlasDECK® is the best synthetic surface on the market. In PlasDECK® we have a very strict politic of quality and quantity.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

We believe in our products and we invite you to join in family PlasDECK® with satisfied customers.

PlasDECK® is the only synthetic teak that is been made in USA.

We are proud that all PlasDECK® products are manufactured in USA in Akron, Ohio. Akron is polymer capital of the world and we are doing business with engineers so that we can invent best synthetic teak in the world. Many things have been learned during the years where they have been worked with PVC materials of first generation, and PlasDECK® has almost eliminated all problems that have been standing on the way. The scientist have risen to a molecular level so that they can make a product that is much more superior from all other.


All kind of plastic contains oil or „plasticizers“. These oil can freely migrate inside the plastic. They will show up on the surface where they can be washed or the plasticizers migrate to the bottom of the material and endanger the adhesive bond. Oils in our PVC plastic will not migrate because the oils are locked in the place. That means that PlasDECK® will not drain, crack or break over time and PlasDECK® will retain its superior adhesion. This ownership process is unique for PlasDECK® material for surface and it can not be found in other synthetic floor products on the market. We got two US patents (US patents 7,578,251 and 7,617,791).


Our product itself has edges so that can be helpful in perfect stitches. Find out how the edges of the boat functions.


PlasDECK® looks more like a teak in its premiere. Never Gray or faded, PlasDECK® will always look like a good maintained teak. Our colour and grain are more accurate. Other synthetic deck can be seen in many more available forms, which makes it smaller like natural wood and similar to plastic.


We use best available UV protection, that is the same UV protection like in the auto-mobile plastic. UV protection covers our material so that can not fade. PlasDECK® has long term good looking.


Molds can and will grow in all wet environments. However, with PlasDECK® antifungal additive, molds will be washed down without leaving any dirt on the deck.


Tests have shown that the protrusion of the surface on the underside of PlasDECK® allouds better grip by using less glue then in the in the slots. Earlier products are more prone to premature release because it is hard to insure that all areas will be filled equally with glue. This can make gaps which blur air and moisture beyond the material and cause bubbles during expansion when the sun warms up.


PlasDECK® is also the only floor covering system with Peel & Stick glue that is sensitive on pressure. Perfect for smooth surfaces, it insures perfect bounds and at the same time it increases the installation speed that is wished at the installation place.


Unlike other synthetic floor systems, PlasDECK® does not affect the bleach. PlasDECK®, will not fade, so the whitewash can be used on board without fear of overlapping.