E-DEK is an innovative product made of sponge-like material specifically crafted from PE/EVA foam. This material brings a range of advantages that enhance the user experience. Due to its structure, E-DEK provides excellent anti-slip properties even when exposed to wet conditions, making it ideal for use in areas prone to slipping.

One of the key benefits of E-DEK is the comfort underfoot, making it suitable for various applications, including marinas, pools, or areas where people frequently gather. Additionally, the product does not heat up under the influence of sunlight, ensuring a pleasant experience even on sunny days.

E-DEK also has the ability to absorb sound, making it useful for reducing noise in specific environments. What further distinguishes this product is its adaptability in terms of colors, allowing customers to choose a shade that best suits their preferences and aesthetic desires. All these features make E-DEK an appealing solution for improving safety, comfort, and visual appeal in various settings.

Why E-dek?


E-DEK is lighter than other synthetic teak options actually on the market

Easy to clean

E-DEK is very easy to clean. Dirt of any type can't be assorbed from the product. All can be washed away with water!


The soft touch of the product is very comfortable for your feet! Try it and you will never come back!

Double life-time

E-DEK life-time is estimated in 7-10 years, more or less double than the 90% of foam products on the market! This thanks to the different composition of the material.


E-DEK density is up than 150 kg/m3, really more than competitors. This make the material stronger and more difficult to break!

Hot melted layers

The two layers of E-DEK are not linked togheter by adhesive but are melted togheter with really high temperatures! This makes the two layers a single thing, impossible to separate.