Turnkey service

Turnkey service


TEAKdecking®️ team of professionals will come to your vessel at your request and will make diagnostics that includes template design and teak design in consultation with you. We will inspect the entire ship and give you tips on which would be best. We have extensive experience in operation, and each ship is separate.


TEAKdecking®️ skilled craftsmen will make PlasDECK®️ teakwood for your craft according to templates. Everything is made by hand according to a pre-arranged design so that your teak is actually unique because it is made according to your needs.


Our installation technicians are responsible for mounting on your vessel. The surface to be laid will be inspected, sanded if necessary, or irregularities will be covered. Also, if necessary, we will remove old teak or old synthetic teak of poor quality. We are present in all regions in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Grouting can be done before the final cleaning of the teak.


Removing the old teak deck is a laborious and time-consuming process and is therefore particularly costly. It should be noted that after removing the old teak, the surface should be leveled with an epoxy putty and sanded. Since we use a vacuum pump to produce a pressure of approximately 10 tons per square meter, it is crucial for the successful installation of PlasDECK that the surface is uneven.

For you as a customer, a “turnkey service” is a very simple and best way to achieve the best possible effect.

Ignoring recommendations and guidelines before and during assembly can significantly affect the final appearance and reduce the life span. So don’t take the risk, trust the professionals!

TEAKdecking® has been operating in the synthetic teak sector for many years and over time has become a reference point in this business. Thanks to the centralisation of production at the Zagreb and Biograd locations, it guarantees the best standards in the business, from a small dinghy to a mega yacht. Our service is also the fastest on the market.

Any other reason? Obviously – PlasDECK®! To offer the best service, you must also have the best product, the one with the best quality and durability. PlasDECK® is all that. Produced in Akron, the capital of PVC and polymer production worldwide. It is created using the most innovative procedures and using only the highest quality components.