Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance


Since PlasDECK is a product of plastic t does not requires any maintenance like it requires real teak and it is easy to clean. It is never necessary to use protective substances, oil or other products so that you can keep the look. Fish blood, food waste, drinks and dirt gets easily down. Our company TEAK decking for PlasDECK material gives a 5 year warrantee.

Here are some practical and useful advices for cleaning PlasDECK

High-pressure cleaner!
Little high-pressure cleaner for houses (about 1500 psi) you can use to remove residues from the surface of artificial PlasDECK teak..

Shampoos that are used for washing the boats can also be used. Food waste, specially some fatty food should be cleaned with a degreaser like a detergent that is been use din the kitchen.

Since PlasDECK is PVC, it is sensitive on oil, gas, diesel and acetone. If it will come to that, it is necessary to immediately clean i up very detailed with a detergent like the one that is been used for dishes or other detergent for boats.

Hard brush is used often for cleaning stubborn dirt from the deck surface. If it is necessary you can freely use a harder brush.

IMPORTANT: If you use a harder brush on PlasDECK, always wipe in the direction of grains

For scratches, of cigarettes or really hard stubborn stains that dried out, you can lightly squeeze it with the sanding paper of the grading 40.

Also, if the area for some reason is a little bit worn out, the texture of teak can be restored with light grinding so it can look like the texture of wood. Be sure to go in the direction of the grain with short moves.

Use a heat gun or let the sun warm your deck so heat will mix tones of colour in all areas that were illuminated during the sanding process. Do not use an electric grinder on your PlasDECK!

There is a possibility to lose the PlasDECK appearance of teak.

It can be used to repair serious damage to the deck. For further information please feel free to contact us.

DO NOT wear shoes with black soles to plasDECK artificial teak. Shoes with such a jumble can leave scratches on any surface. Wear shoes designed for boats or walk without shoes. With PlasDECK’s anti-slip surface you will not have to worry if the surface slips when it is wet.

DO NOT put teak oil, lacquer, paint, or varnish on your PlasDECK! Thies is why you have chosen PlasDECK synthetic teak instead of real teak ? PlasDECK composite teak is not necessary to be protected with that kind of materials and it does not requires this kind of maintenance.


Like on any other deck, including the teak deck, don’t put on hot metals or other hot things.

You will agree that with minimal effort your teak deck can retain its classic look for many years to come.

No one is perfect and there may be some damage to PlasDECK teak. With a little patience, PlasDECK’s repair is simple. If you have a specific repair in mind, contact us and we will do everything in order to help your PlasDECK become new.