We found a solution for boats, it is called TEAK decking.
We present a leading brand in the industry of synthetic marine floor covering of artificial teak.
We are not a big corporation, we are a family company, that love nautic and we are also part of a great nautical family.
We are not only standing behind our products, we are standing on them!
From business owners to anyone who is working with us, we all use PlasDECK® on our own vessels and in our lives. We know that our products are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last for a lifetime. We are convinced that PlasDECK® is the best synthetic teak in the market.
We are all familiar with our products and we have experience that we want to share with you to help you with your projects and requirements.

We are sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Welcome to our specialized company dedicated to installing synthetic teak decking for all types of boats. Whether you own a sailboat, motor yacht, are a boat manufacturer, or simply need a new deck platform, we are your reliable partner. As official importers of PlasDECK® synthetic materials, we guarantee top-notch quality and durability for our solutions.

Refresh the look of your vessel with our high-quality synthetic teak decks tailored to your needs. Your safety and comfort at sea are our highest priorities.

TEAK decking- PlasDECK® artificial teak, or synthetic teak products and other products.

Exclusive representative for Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia

Why teak

Why synthetic teak or why putting teak on the boat at all?

All professional yachtsmen and owners of yachts or charter yachts will always be for teak, especialy synthetic teak and they will all agree how composite teak has a lot of advantages.

Any owner-ship or rental boat that already has installed synthetic teak, visually they look much better and nicer. No regular maintenance is required – in other words; even if it is buried with wine, oil or some other liquid, it can simply be washed with water, and if necessary an detergent may be used.


PlasDECK® artificial teak is made of top quality materials that launches it further then its competition. It is light, does not heat up in the sun and as time goes by it is not getting old. Thanks to special oils inside the composite teak, PlasDECK® is the only synthetic teak that is not getting old and for years it keeps its aesthetic and fresh appearance and it does not create a look of dryness. With high-quality artificial teak you have not only created comfort on the vessel but you also have increased its value.


Did you get used to real teak? Forget about continuous and expensive maintenance and step in the future with us. PlasDECK® artificial teak looks like real wood and if it gets dirty it can be cleaned of any kind of dirt, including fish blood. It is cleanded with any high-pressure cleaner. We can install artificial teak as authorized installers or we can send finished segments so you can do it yourself.


Thanks to the many available colors, PlasDECK® Synthetic Teak offers you the ability to customize and design your boat according to your own taste and wishes.

You can combine the color of artificial teak with the interior of your boat, upholstery, or simply make a choice for your own taste. In this way, you give your boat a breath of luxury and recognizability that will different from other vessels.