Why synthetic teak

Question arises why synthetic teak or why putting teak on the boat at all?

All professional yachtsmen and owners of yachts or charter yachts will always be for teak, especialy synthetic teak and they will all agree how composite teak has a lot of advantages.

Any owner-ship or rental boat that already has installed synthetic teak, visually they look much better and nicer. No regular maintenance is required – in other words; even if it is buried with wine, oil or some other liquid, it can simply be washed with water, and if necessary an detergent may be used. This particularly refers for charter boats such as sailing boats for rent as well as motor boats. Except the visually good looking, the synthetic teak that we do is environmentally friendly, since we are cooperating and partner of GREEN SAIL. It is also resistant to UV radiation, sea water, anti-slip (even if it is wet), easy to clean…

Our materials are designed to be extremely durable, whether weather conditions or inconvenient, and to withstand heavy weight and impact. Example: for charter boats there is a big difference if you have to waste time on washing and scrubbing gel coats or just wash synthetic teak with detergent for boats. … especially on larger sailing boats or catamarans for rent. One of the outstanding features of synthetic teak that we are installing is to “withstand” all weather conditions mentioned above; consequences of rain, winter conditions and sunshine. By choosing synthetic teak, you know that you don’t have to worry about pests like insects, termites…

Of course, like all surfaces, so also teak when exposed to the sun is getting very warm. But most boaters are used to the Adriatic climate, so they know how hot can it be – spraying water over teak will cool it without worries of being slippery. You have to be careful not to use any liquid that will “attack” teak: such as acetone or thinner, because it could permanently damage teak wood. But even if minor scratches happen – you can fix them by a simple procedure.

Teak ingredients will ensure that the teak will look fabulous for many oncoming years and it has proven experience. you will not make a mistake by choosing synthetic teak.

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